Domestic (and international) partnerships 6:06 p.m.

Our three partner airlines pulled out all the stops today at T5…Aer Lingus brought a “Riverdance”-style step-dancing troupe into their area of the expo (thanks to the T5 team for laying down a proper floor for them!):

Meanwhile, there’s no shortage of fine wines over at Lufthansa‘s booth, which also features their comfy J-class seats (biz class=booze, right?). Here is one of our finest SFO Crewmembers, twisted just so in her premium seat so we can all see the BlueCity monogram on her stylish ShopBlue find!

Lufthansa’s in-flight experience is second to none, and some of the sharp-looking men and women who provide that excellent service were on-hand today to show off their great product.

Meanwhile, over at the Cape Air area, our quirky partner from New England imported legit Cape Cod sand for their booth! My new BFFs Leslie and Kim were doling out goodies while living the airline’s MOCHA HAGoTDI* mantra all day long.

MOCHA HAGoTDI* = Make our Customer Happy and Have a Good Time Doing it


One Response to Domestic (and international) partnerships 6:06 p.m.

  1. Dave Armon says:

    Love the pix of partner airlines. Is that really Cape Cod sand or Rockaways sand? Let’s check the DNA.

    Congrats on a fine party and fine blogging, Justin. Feels like I’m there.

    — Dave

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