A good-looking terminal for good-looking crew

We’re still on a high from yesterday’s party, having a blast reading all the accounts of the action in the blogosphere. My personal fav comes from our friends over at Jaunted. They described the party as “one hell of a heartfelt hoedown,” and I can’t think of a better way to sum up the emotion and excitement of one of biggest days in our airline’s 8-year history — and in what’s sure to be a long, prosperous future.

Thanks to Jaunted for recognizing the beauty of our new terminal — and, as it turns out, of our Crewmembers, too. “Before enjoying an orange cream T5-tini,” their on-site blogger writes, “we checked out an Embraer 190 and an A320 JetBlue had pulled up at the gates; nothing we aren’t intimately acquainted with, but then there’s always Andrew, the Hottie McHotcakes pilot of the Embraer.”

(Andrew, one of our first officers, kindly offered up his expertise on the 190 flight deck all afternoon, pointing out all the gizmos and sharing his enthusiasm for this cool plane with all our guests. We didn’t get any photo evidence, but rumor has it there are photos on Facebook for those who missed Mr Hottie McHotcakes. Thanks, Andrew, for being such a good sport!)

Tuesday update: We’ve received a photo to share, courtesy of T5 event guest Sean Holmes (he’s on the left, and Hottie McHotcakes Andrew is on the right). Thanks Sean!


5 Responses to A good-looking terminal for good-looking crew

  1. KA / JFK says:

    Hottie McHot is right! Andrew was a great tour guide when i hopped on yesterday, looked great doing it and was a NICE guy.

  2. jenny@jetblue says:

    Big shout out to our A320 Pilot, Don Nichols, too! He was sitting reserve at JFK and spent the entire time in the 320 and giving tours! Loves him!
    Loves Hottie McHotcakes too!

    And big ups to the Marketing Team for everything they do.

  3. Sarah Myles says:

    Holy hell they are so hot! I’d fly anywhere with them in command!!!

  4. Jill Baldwin says:

    Wow! His eyes are beautiful! I wanna work with them!!!

  5. anays says:

    Wow!!! they both like super hot!!! special the one to the left!!!

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