Just ask! 3:30 a.m.

T5 is a huge new building, and while many of us have spent a good deal of time roaming around its nooks and crannies the past few months, it can seem a little daunting for Crewmembers. Fortunately 100+ T5 Ambassadors are stationed around the terminal today and throughout the next few weeks to help you get you bearings. Here are a couple Inflight and Supply Chain Crewmembers manning the north counter area…those are awfully big smiles for 3:30 a.m!


2 Responses to Just ask! 3:30 a.m.

  1. Alex@JetBlue says:

    The Ambassador program is a great idea. A friendly Ambassador from Inflight already helped me out when I walked in the front door a little bewildered this morning.

  2. […] airport terminals to cater to customer needs. Once again, JetBlue was great at doing this by having staff stationed throughout their new Terminal 5 at JFK airport to help customers, since it’s only recently opened. Truly addressing […]

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