Dining well quickly

Nearly all of the pre-launch attention from New York foodies has been focused, understandably so, on the T5 marketplace’s sit-down restaurants.

As Rick Blatstein, CEO of our Business Partner OTG Management told USA Today, “Our objective is to change the ‘need to go to the airport early’ mind-set to ‘want to go to the airport early.'” And with the stunning selection of food and wine available, T5 gives Jetters good reason to. Potato gnocchi with pulled pork shoulder and chopped arugula, anyone?

Luckily, for travelers like me who calculate the exact last minute they can leave the house to catch their flight, there are faster options. The marketplace’s Cibo Express Gourmet Markets offer good food fast. Not just your standard burger and fries (although Cheeburger Cheeburger will hook you up if that’s what you’re after), but a serious variety of delicious choices. I took a quick walkthrough and came away with a ton of enticing options, listed below.

Keep in mind that the following are all from the Marketplace’s “fast food” section, not the highly anticipated sit-down restaurants like 5ive Steak and La Vie. Each of these express restaurants features a touchscreen menu to order from, similar to what’s found at the gates.

Roma Pizza: Breakfast pizza with scrambled eggs, mushrooms and spinach
Lucy’s Asian Kitchen: Stir fry shrimp with Asian coconut curry sauce
Philly Cheesesteak / Pommes Frites: Cheese Whiz cheesesteak and yucca frites with Parmesan pepper sauce
Cheeburger Cheeburger: 1/2 pound burger with jalapeno cheese and guacamole with an old fashioned egg cream
Fresco Italian pasta: Penne pasta with broccoli rabe sauce and artichoke

I can’t wait for lunch!


One Response to Dining well quickly

  1. Cyn says:

    You can’t go wrong with some Dunkin. A cup and a biscotti are my JetBlue in-flight staples for any flight leaving before 1pm (ha). I’ve got my eye on the coconut curry sauce in the Terminal however.

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