Dinner Time!

“Where can I get a smoothie?”

“I want something all-american like a burger?”

“Just a sandwich.”

So I went from Wal-Mart greeter to Zagat Guide. It seems everyone wants to know where to go to eat, drink, and wait for their flight. Aside from the pizza place being closed and Jamba Juice not making smoothies yet, things are truckin right along and the fabled food offerings of T5 sure are delivering.


2 Responses to Dinner Time!

  1. kb says:

    Great commentary Eddie–I can totally envision your descriptions!

  2. lilbunnyfoofoo says:

    it would be nice if somewhere there was a complete list of the food options at the terminal. not everyone wants to spend $40+ in a chic Chelsea styled bistro. Where can I get “Just a sandwich.”? “Things are truckin’ along” Great. What are the “things”?

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