Little touches: Jetting every step of the way

The big day is here! Even though I’ve had the privilege of seeing our new building come together in various stages since I started in May, viewing it as a working terminal is something else entirely.

Note the soft flooring in the security area -- it's designed to walk on shoeless.

This was the first time I’ve walked through security while it’s staffed by TSA, and I was struck by how soft the floor is standing there without shoes. Remember that this is the first terminal built with the need to walk around shoeless in mind. The flooring in the security checkpoint is made of a special material that’s both comfortable to walk on and durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of a constant stream of people and luggage.

Smart little details like foot-friendly flooring are easy to overlook given the grand scope of our new home at JFK. But they’re the kinds of things that are much appreciated by travelers and will help further differentiate jetting from flying. Crewmembers do the little things right to deliver the JetBlue experience, and so does our new terminal.


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