Crewmembers lovin’ T5!


4 Responses to Crewmembers lovin’ T5!

  1. Jeff says:

    I think it’s great that you celebrate Uniformed and “Customer Facing” crewmembers in all of your photos and writings. But one thing that stands out is the fact that the “Rear Operation” crewmembers are never shown or celebrated. Where are the thanks for departments such as Facilities, IT, etc… This seems to be a theme for any large Jetblue event. Many photo’s and thanks for every crewmember except for the crewmembers who assisting in getting the place acutally up and running! You know those doors you just walked through or that table you are sitting at? Facilities! You know that computer you are using or that FIDS you are staring at? IT! These are only two of the many, very important, “back of house” crewmembers who are almost never acknowledged in my opinion!
    Hope this changes in the future!
    – Jeffrey

  2. jenny@jetblue says:

    I have t o say that literally Every Single Crewmember I saw at T5 today looked spiffy and super. Was something put in the water? And if so, can I get a truckload delivered to my house?
    Seriously – it was absolutely fantastic to see such great looking Crew having fun with each other and with our Customers. Thank you for making this a day to remember!

  3. Vanessa says:

    Rad photos!!! I love how the JetBlue peeps look so spiffy and happy!

  4. Morgan@JetBlue says:

    Jeffery – I completely agree. Showing the ‘customer facing’ Crewmembers is only part of the story. Without the support of Ground Ops, Tech Ops, Facilities, IT, or the hundreds of business partners, Terminal 5 would cease to function… and that’s just T5! What about all the support centers, Reservations teams, Customer Commitment, JBU, HR, Finance, mail room? We’re all integral to our success.

    It should be noted that some of those ‘rear operations’ areas carry with them some security concerns that need to be addressed when photographing within SIDA (and of course, we want to stay out of the way of working Crewmembers!) When we do get a chance to meet with ‘back of the house’ folk we love to show them as well whether it be IT, Res Center, or any crewmember we can grab with a key or award. We hear you though, we did avoid places like break rooms or commissaries, and maybe that’s a place we need to spend some time.

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