Look ma! No lines – 8:15 a.m.

The curb’s a breeze this morning, and the departures lobby is no different. Our new layout for counters and kiosks seems to be working great — no lines in sight! Now that the sun is finally up, you can see just how much natural light streams through the terminal — you really need to experience it to believe it!


8 Responses to Look ma! No lines – 8:15 a.m.

  1. LT says:

    Hey, if I park in the Long-Term lot, do I take the free shuttle bus to get to Terminal 5 or do I take the AirTrain?

  2. Justin@JetBlue says:

    Your best bet is to take the AirTrain. Then you can take the walkway to our new Terminal!

  3. LT says:

    But can I take the shuttle if I want to? If the shuttle is sitting there when I park…I’m not waiting for the train!

  4. Ros says:

    How about baggage? I heard there were some problems there. What went wrong?

  5. Thanks for the question Ros. We have processed (at this time) more than 3,500 bags with no issues. The system is working just fine!

  6. Michael says:

    Congrats JFK! Looks like you all are keeping up what JetBlue always intended from the begining – brininging humanity back into air travel

  7. Ben Schreier says:

    Great to see all of the natural light….Can the artificial lights be turned off and thus save energy when the natural light does the job?

  8. Alex@JetBlue says:

    Ben – Yes! Here’s the answer, straight from Gensler: “Yes — we have daylight sensors in the hold rooms, which turn off the light fixtures near the windows, thus saving energy.”

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