Wines of T5

October 22, 2008

Well, most of this blogging Crew has been here over 13 hours and a post that we definitely have been looking forward to is one on the wines that are available here at T5. Thanks to OTG for creating a fancy little flash site dedicated to all of the wines offered in T5. At you can check it out, and plan which of the:

  • 400 wines available by the bottle
  • 150 by the half bottle
  • 200 by the glass

that you have the option to moderately consume in T5 before your flight.


Dinner Time!

October 22, 2008

“Where can I get a smoothie?”

“I want something all-american like a burger?”

“Just a sandwich.”

So I went from Wal-Mart greeter to Zagat Guide. It seems everyone wants to know where to go to eat, drink, and wait for their flight. Aside from the pizza place being closed and Jamba Juice not making smoothies yet, things are truckin right along and the fabled food offerings of T5 sure are delivering.

Crewmembers lovin’ T5!

October 22, 2008

Back from Buffalo

October 22, 2008

It’s fitting that the first of our five specially branded “Jetting to T5” Airbus A320 jets took off for Buffalo this morning — after all, Buffalo Niagara International was our first-ever airport and remains one of our most important cities (in the peak summer season we fly more flights JFK-BUF than any other route). The plane is back at JFK after a quick turn to my fav city (seriously, I love Buffalo!) and is already en route to Burlington. Watch for it in your BlueCity!

T5 Greeters!

October 22, 2008

So I have to admit, I kind of feel like a Wal-Mart people greeter. And I love it!

I have taken “Just Ask” to a whole new level. I am trained to spot confused looking jetters. And it’s so easy!

So far, I’ve run three people to a gate, let college kids call home to England on my cell phone and offered to mail a Customer’s NetFlix so she can be sure her next movie (“Iron Man”) is there when she returns to NYC. Awesome.

Crewmember Review: CIBO Express: ­Asian Signature Dishes

October 22, 2008

Thanks to Crewmembers John, Seamus, Boris and Anditi who took the time to try CIBO Express ­and some of their Asian Signature Dishes.

Review from IT Business Partner Aditi: “The first thing that comes to mind is the presentation. A pyramid of rice paired with the entrée, beautified with a simple purple orchid; the presentation was classy, eye catching and pristine. Serving the food in pure white plates and cooked fresh in an open kitchen takes “eating at the airport” experience to a new level. This is not something you expect at a quick stop type airport eatery.

The food was perfectly portioned and served fresh and hot. Entrée tasted every bit the combination of its ingredients; high quality produce and no funny additions! When they said “Vegetable Stir Fry” they meant it as the entrée contained a blend of about 7 vegetables, which is a fry cry from the usual Asian takeouts.

Overall the presentation was very appetizing and food was thoroughly enjoyable and satisfactory.”

Places to go from here

October 22, 2008

Some great reads elsewhere in the series of tubes about T5 today…

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