Blue + Orange = Happy Jetting!

October 22, 2008

Spotted this afternoon at T5 is this celeb of college athletics, Syracuse University head men’s basketball coach, Jim Boeheim. We’ve got a big and faithful Syracuse contingent here at JetBlue in New York. They like the blue and we like the orange! Go SU!


Reviewed: Piquillo’s egg salad sandwich

October 22, 2008

They say “write what you know,” so it’s time for a sandwich review. When I’m off the clock, I run the sandwich-themed blog “It’s What’s Between.” Therefore I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try a brand new restaurant and a unique sandwich today.

After much staring at various menus, I settled on Piquillo and their Ensaladilla de Huevo con Anchoa y tomaquet Bocadillo. That’s an egg salad sammy with anchovies and tomatoes to you and me. Piquillo is T5’s Spanish restaurant, which is both named for and shaped like a type of Spanish chile pepper.

(L to R) AeroNuova, Piquillo and 5ive Steak

(L to R) AeroNuova, Piquillo and 5ive Steak

The interior is autumn in restaurant form. It features copper-colored leaf-printed counters, gold place mats, soft candles and muted tiles lining the arch interspersed with abalone-like iridescent panels. The hangar-shaped building even produces a wind tunnel effect, creating a constant but not-unpleasant breeze.

I eat a lot of egg salad sandwiches, but never would it have occurred to me to top one with fish. And I expected little anchovies like the ones that come with mustard in a tin, but these guys were big.

Biting into the sandwich, I was struck by the creaminess of the egg salad, which contrasted nicely with the crusty baguette. It’s rich and smooth and has distinct bits of egg white and yolk to bite into. Instead of slices like I’m used to, the tomatoes were rubbed onto the interior of the bread. I thought that might make the bread soggy but it didn’t, and gave a noticeable tomato flavor without taking up valuable sandwich real estate.

And then there’s the anchovies. The Ninja Turtles wouldn’t approve, but I can vouch for the fishes’ deliciousness on this sandwich. They make it fishy and oily and salty and that’s a good thing. What tastes like mustard in the egg salad adds just enough tang to keep the fish from overwhelming.

My only knock on the sandwich is that it’s not quite big enough to be a lunch by itself. But I’ll happily pay the $6 for quality over quantity — 15 bites of Piquillo’s egg salad awesomeness beats my corner bodega’s 30 bites of eggy mayo on a hero any day.

Shop till you drop (or at least until your plane leaves)

October 22, 2008

As Alex mentioned earlier, many of us are the type who time our home-to-airport travel just right so we pass through security and hit the gate just as the door to the plane is closing. With T5, you’ll actually want to spend a bit more time at the airport…there is limitless shopping to be had. Check out some of the cool names:

Burning Questions

October 22, 2008

In my first hour, the most common question I’ve been asked is: Where are the pay phones?

(Which of course begs another question: who uses pay phones???)

The answer is tricky: half of them have been installed but few seem to work at this time. I’ve been letting folks use my cell phone. Who knew there were still people who weren’t connected with cell phones?

Renderings come to life

October 22, 2008

I have to admit, when I first saw the renderings for T5’s restaurants, I was a little skeptical. Would those images, so artfully done, really translate into an airline terminal? Good news: they have.

Deep Blue, right in the heart of the Marketplace, is a true stand-out:

Next door, La Vie looks lifted right out of Paris. Super cute…

Going south for winter

October 22, 2008

Thanks to Inflight Crewmember Susan Davison for getting a this shot of some special guests hoping to save some energy and hop on a flight to Disney World. It’s every kids dream to jet down to Orlando to visit the Magic Kingdom — why wouldn’t it be for these guys too?

Need your ‘script filled before your flight?

October 22, 2008

Look no further! Hamony is here to save the day. Harmony — pharmacy and health center is a one stop shop for all of your needs.

I ventured in to find some hand sanitizer (yes — I have just a slight aversion to germs) and walked into a store full of fruffy soaps and other relaxing smelling things on one side and everything a forgetful traveler would need from toothpaste to deodorant. While perusing the massive selection of products I came across a counter not unlike what you would see in the back of a CVS or a Duane Reade — a pharmacy counter. Upon quizzing people who work in said pharmacy I found that they are able to fill prescriptions right here in T5. This floors me — I didn’t know such a thing existed! Harmony said they have five stores in airports right now and plan to open several more in ’09!